spettacoli umbria




(23 JUNE-9 JULY 2023)

Spoleto Festival, or Festival of the two worlds as it is still known throughout the world, is the largest and most important international event of music, art, theatre, cinema, culture and entertainment in general which takes place annually in Umbria.

For many years, the event remained the only one of its kind in Italy, due to the originality of the shows offered.

It is a path of young enhancements, new tributes and experimental vocations based on unprecedented personal commitments and on remodulated or pioneering horizons of knowledge, the front which inspired the 66th edition of the Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi directed by Monique Veaute, in program from 23 June to 9 July, an appointment that will once again transform Spoleto into a field of discussions, glances, synergies and references to the arts.

The Festival dei Due Mondi, the oldest performing arts festival in Italy, raises the curtain on the sixty-sixth edition, scheduled this year from June 23 to July 9, 2023, and once again transforms Spoleto into the city of the arts.

The founding mission remains timeless, as does the atmosphere of a place that for three weeks mixes reality with fiction, everyday life with the magic of the theatre, artists with spectators, connecting Music, Opera, Dance, Theater , Art through the creativity of the best artists and the best international companies.

The artistic direction of Monique Veaute since 2020 has brought the dialogue between disciplines and contamination between genres back to the center of artistic programming by placing the public in front of innovative and unconventional experiences.

Around the official billboard, the side appointments and special events make Spoleto a lively place for artistic creation today: meetings with artists, prizes, art installations and exhibitions.