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24. SEPTEMBER 2022

50K (2,000 D +)
20K (870 D +)

A wonderful running journey from the Etruscans to the Renaissance

TOTAL TRAIL: 2 distances: 50K and 20K. Dirt roads, woods, paths, olive groves, single tracks.
100% clean air Where the asphalt ends, the adventure begins!

Departure and arrival in one of the most beautiful and evocative Italian villages: Bettona, Perugia. You will forget about everything. A path so beautiful that it erases fatigue: 100 volunteers, along the way, at the start and finish, ready to support you and welcome you with a smile. You will never be alone on this journey into the heart of the Renaissance. Every detail will be taken care of, in full respect of the surrounding environment.

The sky is at the top of the climb.
You will look up and .. look at the enchanting view! the dome of Vignola di Santa Maria degli Angeli and behind Assisi, sleeping and elongated on the Subasio .. you will feel like you are touching the upper Basilica of San Francesco .. and then down the descent among centuries-old olive trees .. you will feel shivers of beauty .. you your legs will tremble and your heart will beat fast .. not only for the effort .. You will be struck by the beauty of the landscape.
Rich in History …. Pinturicchio, Perugino, Dono Doni and Ribeira will race with us ..

Welcome to the land of Eternity ..

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