Calendimaggio | 6-9 Maggio 2020 ASSISI



6-9 May 2020 ASSISI

Calendimaggio of Assisi, a festival that wants to celebrate the arrival of spring, features the Nobilissima Parte de Sopra and the Magnifica Parte de Sotto.

┬áThe two factions in which the city is traditionally divided vertically and which challenge each other in various skill tests, with the aim of winning the Palio which is assigned, by a jury of experts, on Saturday evening, the final day of the event. The two sides battle each other by proposing historical parades in costume, reconstructions of medieval life in the most suggestive spaces of Assisi, with recited scenes, breathtaking music and songs; and the challenge between the choirs is the final act of the party. To decree the winning party is a jury, which changes every year, made up of experts in history, music, the world of entertainment: the final verdict leads to the awarding of the Palio. During the festival Madonna Primavera, the Queen of Calendimaggio, is also elected. The two sides present five young girls aspiring to the title, but only one will be the winner at the end of the medieval games: crossbow shooting, travel of the tregge (ancient wooden ‘sleds’ for hay transport), tug of war, shooting with l ‘arc.

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