Di Vin Porcello Tavern

The main ingredient is the genuineness

Open every Friday and Saturday for dinner, with its setting full of traditional conviviality, is the synthesis of the culture of national Slow Food and typical regional cuisine. The main ingredient is the genuineness due to the use of several products of our farm and oil mill: cinta senese salami, bred in the wild in the farm, honey, some vegetables and fruit but above all the excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, precious fruit of over 6000 olive trees of Poggio. Undisputed protagonists of the territory, the olive trees of these areas produce fine fruits from which an excellent extra virgin oil is obtained, a real olive juice. Olive oil is on our tables for  millennial tradition and has an innate ability to give any recipe character and taste. Every day, the chef, happily renews this harmony of tastes and every drop that pours, with its many virtues, gives goodness to every dish and wellness to our body.

Di Vin Porcello Tavern

Our wines

The selection of wines, perfect companions of excellent food, is entrusted to the expertise of Giulio, host by passion, who with his familiarity and experience, has created a rich reserve full of the most excellent labels of national and regional wineries with particular attention to the most significant years, expanding the offer with the wines we produce. The flow of the seasons is fully respected in the choice of ingredients that make up the wonderful dishes creating themed evenings dedicated to mushrooms, soups, truffles and polenta.

Our menù


The continuous search for quality has slowly led to a very careful selection of the most valuable products of our territory. Meats of fine breeds, strictly bred in the old way: Chianina, Limousine and Black Angus, grilled and served on heated stone; special homemade pasta such as tonnarelli, cinta senese meat of our own production served on cutting boards made of the precious wood of Poggio olive trees, soups with recipes from the best rural tradition based on seasonal ingredients and to conclude, delicious desserts, semifreddo and mousse.

Gran Porcello (minimum for 2 people) Selection of Cinta Senese Hams and Salami by Our Farm, Local Cheeses, Jam, Widflower Honey, Vegetables Sweet & Sour, Fried “Arvoltolo”, Lamb Offal “Coratella”, Chicken Liver Patè with Crunchy Bread and Finger Food.

Chopping with Cinta Senese Hams and Salami by Our Farm with Selection of Local Cheeses, Honey and Jam of the Day

Cinta Senese Ham with Hot “Tigelle” and Vegetables Sweet & Sour

“Arvoltolo” (Typical Umbrian Fried Leavened Dough) with Ham from Norcia and Caciotta Local Cheese

Gratinated “Pappa al Pomodoro” (Tomato Soup) with Anchovy auce and Burrata

Crunchy Courgettes “Parmigiana” with Mozzarella and Basil

Soft Egg with Truffle, Potatoes Cream and Cascia Saffron

Umbricelli Homemade Pasta with “Rancetto” Ragù (Tomato and Cinta Senese Bacon Ragù) and Pecorino Cheese from Bettona

Colfiorito Potato Gnocchi with Cod Fish, Black Olives and Cherry Tomato Confit

Homemade Lasagna of Egg Pasta with Artichokes, Smoked Mozzarella Cheese and Mint

Our Carbonara: Homemade Umbricelli with Salted Eggnog with Pecorino Cheese from Bettona, Roasted Cinta Senese Bacon and Truffle

Soup of the Day

Cinta Senese Hot-Dog
(Hot Dogs of our Production with Cinta Senese Pork and Spices - Homemade Pan Brioche - Caramelized Red Onion from Cannara - Mustard in Grains - Colfiorito Potatoes Chips)

Di Vin Burger
(Beef Hamburger 200gr - Caciotta Cheese from Bettona -
Homemade Cereal Bread - Roasted Cinta Senese Bacon
- Mayonnaise - Ketchup - Colfiorito Potatoes Chips)

Vegan Di Vin Burger
(Organic Chickpea Hamburger - Homemade Cereal Bread - Soy Milk Mayonnaise - Seasonal Mixed Salad - Colfiorito Potatoes Chips)

BBQ Pork Ribs
(Low-temperature cooked Pork Ribs Lacquered with
Barbecue Sauce and Millefiori Honey)


“Tagliata” with our “Mosto d’Oliva” Oil : Sliced Beef Steak

Skewer of Cinta Senese Pork Meat (sausage, liver, ribs) of Our Production

Grilled Beef Steak (ask waiters for weight available)

Selection of Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Potatoes

Green Vegetable of the Day (can be Chicory, Turnip Greens or Spinach) Sautéed in the Pan

Fried Chips Potatoes

Mixed Salad

Zuppa Inglese 2.0

Hazelnut Creme Brulee with Crunchy Cereal and Maldon Salt

“Tozzetti” Home Made Cookies with Almonds and Hazelnuts Served with a Glass of Vin Santo

Coconut , White Chocolate and Passion Fruit

Tiramisu with Dark Chocolate Flakes

Jamaica Blue Mountain

This coffee is the most prestigious in the world: its beans before being toasted are blue-green and transported in small wooden barrels. It is produced at 2000 meters in the island of Jamaica. Its balance is perfect, both in the body, in the aroma, in the scent and in the acidity, the lingering taste develops in the palate.


Coffee of Arabian quality, of which Colombia is the second largest producer in the world. Sweet taste tending to chocolate, medium body, extraordinary perfume, quite intense acidity typical of Central America.

Blu Caffè

This blend contains the maximum of passion, taste and secrets of Gian Luca Venturelli and his team. The espresso for us, as well as a pleasure, must create an emotion and a good memory to try again whenever you want.

100% Arabica

Blend of Arabica coffee from South America, Asia and Central Africa. Medium body, sweet taste, very pleasant aroma that sometimes can remember freshly baked bread.


Blend between excellence of Arabica coffee and a small percentage of the best robust, which makes coffee sweet and delicate.


Selected blend of hazelnut flavored coffee.

Divin Porcello Tavern

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