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Honored with its unparalleledviews, La Veranda offers traditional regional cuisine with small innovative variants that create dishes that satisfy even the most demanding palates. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of reception and catering we have understood the importance of the personalized offer since each guest has their own needs and that is why in addition to our traditional cuisine we have created recipes and menus also suitable for guests who have chosen to eat vegan, vegetarian or guests who need to feed with gluten-freefoods, certifying our ability to meet the needs of this type of customer with the inclusion of our restaurant in the guide of theAIC property (Italian Coeliac Association). We also thought of our little guests paying close attention to their nutritional needs, offering good, genuine, healthy but equally tasty menus to reconcile health and imagination.  

Restaurant La Veranda
Olives Poggio

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The extremely current trend towards respect for the environment and the need to safeguard the well-being of our guests has motivated us to increase the offer of the number of products within our company (products Km 0), starting from our organic garden located a few meters from the restaurant, increasing the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, up to our vineyards that give us the raw material for the production of excellent wines characterized by the freshness and flavors of our lands. Finally, thanks to our hives, we obtain a honey rich in nutrients and beneficial substances for the body. The protagonist of our cuisine is the extra virgin olive oil from our mill, which, thanks to the different types produced, allows multiple combinations with the dishes proposed by our chef enhancing its taste and quality. In summer light dishes can be tasted by thepool, combining well-being and taste. Dinners are served under the gazebi or in the large terrace that opens on a beautiful view giving ample views of the Umbrian countryside framed by a star-studded sky.
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