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Honored by its unparalleled view, La Veranda offers traditional a traditional regional cuisine with some innovative variations creating dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding palates. Thanks to our decades of experience in reception and catering sectors, we have understood the importance of personalized offer and that is why in addition to our traditional cuisine, we have created recipes and menus also suitable for vegan and vegetarian guests and for those who need to eat gluten-free foods. We have certified our ability to meet the needs of this type of guests with the inclusion of our restaurant in the guide of AIC (Italian Celiac Association).We also pay attention to our younger guests, especially to their nutritional needs, by offering good, genuine, healthy food but anyway tasty menus to combine health and fantasy.

La Veranda

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The extremely current trend towards the respect for the environment and the need to safeguard the wellbeing of our guests motivated us to increase the number of products offered within our farm (Km 0 products), starting from our organic vegetable garden located a few meters from the restaurant, increasing the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, to our vineyards that give us the raw material for the production of excellent wines characterized by the freshness and flavors of our land. Finally, thanks to our hives, we obtain a honey rich in nutrients and beneficial substances for the body. The protagonist of our cuisine is the extra virgin olive oil coming directly from our mill, which, thanks to the different types produced, allows multiple combinations with the dishes proposed by our chef enhancing taste and quality. During the summer period along the swimming pool you can taste light dishes, matching taste and wellness. The dinners are served under gazebo or on the large terrace with beautiful view on the countryside framed by a sky full of stars.

Artichoke with “Cacio” Cheese, Pepper and Licorice

Selection of “Cinta Senese” Hams and Salami by Our Farm with Salty “Arvoltolo” (Typical Umbrian Fried Pizza)

“Grilled” Raw Beef Tartare with Egg Yolk in Oil, Potatoes and Ash

“Catalana” Prawns Tartare with Red Wine Vinegar Sorbet

Anchovies and Their Sauce with Roman “Puntarelle” Salad

Carnaroli Rice Creamed with Red Turnip, Tangerine and “Blu di Capra” Cheese

Spaghetti by Mancini Agricultural Pasta Factory with “Romanesco” Artichoke Cream, Fermented Black Garlic, Monocultivar of Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chili Pepper

Jerusalem Artichoke Soap with Grass Snails, Parsley and Truffle

From The Sea

Rigatone Pasta by Mancini Agricultural Pasta Factory, with Artichokes, Crayfish and Lemon

Pasta with Beans, Mussels, Mullet Roe and Cinta Senese Lard

Roasted Pig Terrine with Figs Chutney, Creamy Carrots and Burnt Onion

Milanese Fried Lamb with BBQ Sauce and Smoked Artichokes

Stick of Crunchy Zucchini “Parmigiana” with Bufala Mozzarella Cheese

From The Sea

Roasted Turbot with Lemon Curd and Lettuce Salad

Mackerel in Oil Cooking with “Pizzaiola” Tomato Sauce and Origan Dust

Magnum-Tiramisù with Peanuts and Salt

Dark Chocolate Sigar with Tobacco, Hazelnuts and Baileys

Puff Pastry with “Stracchino” Cheese Cream, Almonds and Raspberry

“Orange Soup, Passion Fruit and Candied Fennels with “Caprino” Cheese Ice Cream and Black Olives

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La Veranda

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